Proud History of English Football Team Doncaster Rovers FC

Injuries are a part of football. Every team has to deal with them, and the Doncaster Rovers is no exception.

Let's take a look at some injuries that have happened in recent weeks for the Doncaster Rovers FC:

  • Connor Brown has been struggling with a knee injury, and he will be out for at least four weeks.
  • Dan Jones is also suffering from an ongoing knee injury that may put him on the sidelines until early March.
  • Jimmy Ryan suffered a concussion during the match against Swindon Town FC last Saturday night, but reports say he might be back soon enough.
  • Another player that is dealing with an ongoing injury is James Coppinger. He has been out of the team for six weeks now, but it appears as if he will be back in good time to help them fight their way into a promotion spot this year.